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Whip Making Materials




     2-3 oz.          Supple           Cowhide
   Full Sides

Now offering 2-3oz. Full Sides of Supple Cowhide which is used for cores, bolster, and shot bags. $140

Kangaroo Hides are now available. They Come in 2 types. Natural Colors which are Natural, Saddle Tan, Whiskey, Brandy, Black, and Red and Exotic Colors which are White, Purple, Royale Blue, Jade, Aqua(not pictured), lime, Yellow, Orange, and Pink. Natural Drum Stuffed Hides are $110 each. Exotic Hides are $125 each. Please message us directly for availability. Just click the Trinity Whip Co. logo to be transfered to our contact page!

Tohiti Cane

Tohiti Cane for Stock Whip handles available! Cane is between 13mm-16mm in diameter and 21" long. if you are wanting more then 10 in an order contact us directly. Contact for information.

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