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    Blake, I would like to sincerely thank you. You are truly blessed with a gift, your hands crafted 3 beautiful whips that have exceeded all my expectations. For those reading this,if you are actively looking for the highest quality whip-look no further. I found Blake and Trinity Whips by a chance internet search. This resulted in getting to know the man as well as his talents. Blake is very concerned about his customer's and their need's. He is readily available to speak to and responds immediately as possible to email. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

I've purchased a 7ft target whip and 2 bullwhips; a 10ft. "Indy" style and an 8ft. with beautiful engraved ferrules. Whip cracking is very enjoyable-it is a skill learned by practicing correct technique-but without a well crafted whip,one will encounter frustration. Blakes whips are simply the finest whips I have owned. They will complement your technique and make you very glad you started whipcracking in the first place!

In my opinion, his integrity is unquestionable, he has become a good friend. Whip collecting is truly consuming! Buy one from Trinity Whip Company and you WILL experience WHIP FEVER. One is simply not enough! Fortunately,Blake can craft whatever you desire and you WILL be satisfied. .....At least until the Fever returns!

Blake, I appreciate you as a friend. Simply stated: TRINITY WHIPS RULE! May God bless you and your family!


Todd J. Bertolini

(5 out of 5)

     I ordered a 10' 12 plait bullwhip from Trinity Whip Co to replace a 7 foot bullwhip made by Handmade Whips. Upon first glance I noticed that the plaiting was extremely tight all the way down to the fall hitch. Be warned that a properly plaited whip will take some time to break in; being somewhat stiff when its new is a sign of quality.  I have taken this whip out about 10 times now and it is breaking in beautifully. The slightest flick rolls down the thong of the whip and renders a loud crack. It is so easy to use, I forget that it is a 10 foot long whip. Make sure you apply a generous coat of leather dressing to the fall every session.

     Blake is the most professional and attentive whip maker I have ever corresponded with.  We text back and forth about different colors, transition stiffness and other specs throughout the whole process. He frequently sent me progress pictures as the whip progressed. Not once did he make me feel like I was bothering him, and I had A LOT of questions. The whole process only took a week, from the time I first made contact with Blake until the first time I cracked my new work of art. This is because Blake does this for a living, not as a side job or hobby. In summary, if you want a high quality whip at a good price with industry leading customer service, go with Trinity Whip Co.




From time to time I have offers from customers that what to thank me by offering testimonials of which I am thankful for and glad to share!

   By way of introduction, I am Rich from Boise Id., an aging (69) whipcracker and enthusiast, with a history of horses and rodeo, racing quarter horses as a breeder, shoer, farm vet, breaker and trainer etc. But always backing the hobby as an outside sales rep for different companies and starting a small Insurance at 50 yrs old and just retired.


I've learned a lot and done a lot, but always been hardworking, hands on type guy who loves a good story.

I bought my first whip, a 12' Buckheimer at age 14 and wore it out over the ensuing years. Not until 2 1/2 yrs ago did I pick up a whip, not realizing that the Indy series of movies had resurrected the whipmaking industry nationwide. And was overwhelmed by the many makers and purveyers etc. I tried my hand at building one for a little church talent show and it was a club but I found that Joe Strain lived 140 mi N of me in Washington, and I had him make me a  way better whip than I knew how to crack. (Well I knew how to make noise)


In Spring of 2014 I bought a whip from Blake, and liked it pretty good. I met him on the phone and immediately was impressed that first, he had a passion for the craft, (building them in the Joe Strain, purist vein) and second that he had a tremendous respect for his clients (people in general). Since then I have traded that whip ( and he loves to "horse trade") for shorter set of 6' couldn't believe the improvements he was making as a craftsman, evidenced by the quality. His third whip for me, late summer of 2014 is impeccable. And he is so innovative, just coming up with all kinds of themes, changes, and etc. This, again shows me the passion for the art of whipmaking. All this, and I think he's been a maker since Dec of 2013, if not mistaken.

And to a couple of things I've learned at this stage of my life about people.

Our Father In Heaven and our Savior, even the Lord Jesus Christ, have created us in their image and blessed each of us with various talents,and we are all unique. And has tasked us with multiplying and magnifying these talents to not only bless our lives, but the lives of those others of his children who need maybe our strengths and testimonies.

Blake Bruning is certainly one of those special individuals. By their works we shall know them, and his are evident. Just never fails to amaze and impress me and he is always there and fair, as I've dealt with him. He truly lets his light shine .


Thank you Blake

-Rich Carver / Boise Idaho

   I've had the pleasure of purchasing three whips from Trinity Whip Co., and have commissioned a fourth one to be made. The craftsmanship of these whips can not be overstated. The roll out is smooth and even, the leather is of the highest quality, and the plaiting is outstanding. Furthermore, the accents in the ferrule and concho adds for additional character, and each whip is a unique piece of art. But when you buy from Trinity Whip Co. you get not only a great piece of equipment but also outstanding customer support. Blake has been a pleasure to work with; the communication he shares with customers on the status of their orders and the follow up to ensure satisfaction is something that stands above the rest of most of my online purchases. Aside from that, he's a great person who is enjoyable to talk with. Don't delay on purchasing a whip from Trinity Whip Co!


- Josh, San Francisco CA

    I bought my first whip from Blake almost two years ago. I discovered him as an amateur whipmaker (at the time) on the indygear forum. I asked him to make me an 8' Indy whip, and I asked for some specific details. He was more than happy to comply. Fast forward to present time: I now own several whips from Blake including a 10' Australian bullwhip, a matched pair of 6'6" target whips, and that 8' Indy he originally made me. Blake's ability to follow specs on custom orders, communication , and his level of quality (which is constantly improving) has made him one of my top go to guys when I need a new whip


.~Jace (New Jersey)

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