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   I had a lot of first time whip crackers/buyers that I wanted to help with getting started in a the life long enjoyment of whip cracking, so I made a few quick videos to get them started. I Pray these help!

Anatomy of a Bullwhip


How to Hold a Bullwhip


Learning your First Crack...the Cattleman's Crack


How to Crack a Longer Whip


Test Cracking The Saberwhip

Fundamental 4 Whip Cracks

Leo Maxwell Winning the 2017 L.A. Whip Competition Sporting a Trinity Whip Co. T-Shirt. Thanks for the support Leo!

How to Target Candles

This Adam Winrich Video on all the main ways to crack a whip is definitely a must watch and master fundamental video.

This is an Adam Winrich video that features the Cairo Crack. He uses a 10' David Morgan in the 1st half and a 6' 5" Trinity Whip Co. in the 2nd half. Thanks Adam!

This Adam Winrich Video is his "How to Play Bullwhip Jenga". He is sporting a Trinity Whip Co "Record Maker" Thanks Adam!

In this Adam Winrich Video, He uses a 6' Zorro Style Bullwhip of mine to Target Pretzels. A great video to help you learn to target objects with out an assistant.  Thanks Adam!

This is a video of Adam Winrich playing with a 8' bullwhip made by Florida Crackers then sent to me to add another 5' +. Adam used this whip to Break the Guinness Book of World Records "Loudest Crack". Thanks Adam!

This is a video of April Jennifer Choi Using my "Record Maker" Bullwhip to Break the Guinness Book of World Record of "Most Newspapers Targeted in a Minute". Thanks April!

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