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The Carrington Series


   Trinity Whip Co. is proud to be the supplier to for the Carrington Tennis Academy. Art Carrington is an innovative Tennis Coach who has incorporated many unique training methods to his World Class Tennis Instruction including Whip Cracking. After corresponding with Art, we came up with a series of whips to compliment his training methods. We have called this series "The Carrington Series" Please check out what Art is doing at http// Just click on the Trinity Logo below.







   This series consists of a 5' Custom Target Style Bullwhip and a matched set of 4' 8 Plait Custom Bullwhips. The 5' is for one-handed whip training and the matched 4' set is for two-handed routines.


   There have been several color motifs supplied to Art and his students. this series pictured is the the default set. Before or after purchase you can contact me directly to choose your own custom color selections. Just click on the Trinity Whip Co. Logo to be directed to our contact page.








   These can be sold individually or in a set.



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