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The Stock Whip


Fast paced and fun! Stock Whips are great for the 1st time learner or the advanced routine cracker. Though about any crack or routine can be preformed with any whip, the Stock Whip facilitates a faster learning curve. These are best for mastering two handed routines. 


Tohiti Cane Handles will be made to 18" in length unless specified. Handles are 1/2 Plait Kangaroo handles. Thongs Can be selected in 8 Plait or 12 Plait. 16 Plait can be made available, just contact me directly. Accent Colors can be chosen after purchase. Length is measured by Thong only. as for odd lengths...If you are wanting a whip that is 5.5' long, it would be the same cost as a 6' for example.

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