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Keep your Trinity whip performing like new with these hand-made accessories that you can easily apply to your whip. Contact us to place your order.

***If Items are ordered extra with a whip purchase I will refund the extra shipping charges.***

***On International Accessory Orders at least 4 items must be purchased as a minimum otherwise I will refund and cancel the purchase***


Available in White Hide or Brown. $13 each

Trinity Whip Co.       T-Shirt

Trinity Whip Co. T-shirt sporting out company slogan on the back. "Battling Whip Fever Daily" and Sadly There Is No Cure, Only Treatment...More WHIPS!" I can get these is kid sizes as well, just contact me directly. $20.



Trinity Whip Co.
 Austrailian           Leather             Conditioner

3.5 oz. Trinity Whip Co. Austrailian Leather Conditioner now available! This conditioner absorbs amazingly and feels like silk! Hands down the best conditioner you will ever use! $8.50


Nylon Bonded Thread available in white and black.  Bailing Twine available in Orange and Blue w/White. $6 for a pack of 4



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