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   Whips are my biggest Passion of the Western arts. I have been cracking whips for over 13 years. I have made over 2,000 whips in my professional career. I have had personally training on multiple occasions with my Whip Making Mentor Joseph Strain of Northern Whip Co.   What I love best about it is that through Joe's skill sets I only use a sharp blade and a very artistical skill set when it comes to my approach of whip making. If it is an 8' Raiders Style Bullwhip I only take 1 measurement...that it is 8' when done. 


Here are some of my current highlights of Whip Making:


 I currently have 2 whips that hold Guinness Book of World records one was used by Adam Winrich and the other April Jennifer Choi. I am one of the Premium Whip Makers for Western Stage Props. My work is in over 80 countries around the world. This also includes various circus performers around the globe. I have whips in multiple Cirque De Soleil Performances. My whips are also currently used in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and Disney world Florida and in other theme parks including 6 Flags. My work is used daily by popular Western Arts Performers, Stuntmen, Actors, and Whip Trainers such as Anthony Delongis, Loop Rawlins, Will Robert's, Todd Rex, and more. I also have whips that are about to debut in an upcoming T.V. series this fall titled "SEE", "Underground Railroad", as  well as other upcoming cinemas.


God bless,
Blake Bruning
Trinity Whip Co.

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